Artist Biography

British abstract artist, Daniel Tidbury, lives and works in Emsworth on the sunny south coast. A small town with a thriving culture of arts. Tidbury launched his art career in 2016 producing acrylic paintings on canvas. His early works are bold and colourful, free-flowing and dramatic, often featuring abstract seascapes or skyscapes. Broad expressive strokes provided the professional freelance graphic designer and commercial photographer the physical release, away from the desk, that he needed to get started.

Constantly exploring techniques, Tidbury moved on to explore the effects of acrylic pouring and chemical dispersion revealing the unpredictable beauty of liquid paint. Working on large scale canvas mixing acrylics with PVA, water, methylated spirits and resin. The resulting images resembling images of earth from high above.

In his latest series Tidbury is combining his artistic talents. While these amazing new works may appear to have been created using paint or soft pastel, they are in fact close-up photographs. These incredibly detailed images emerged from hours exploring the hulls of small boats on which naturally occurring patterns and textures form, some of which have recognisable features like shorelines or horizons while others feature interesting shapes and colours that are simply beautiful. The real magic in these works is in the reproduction and the understanding of the techniques employed to create them. Although the final images are actually photographic, by printing them using state-of-the-art Giclée printing techniques onto archival paper stocks, the final framed artworks possess a painterly quality.

Tidbury continues to produce works in a variety of styles on an ever changing journey of creative expression.