Artist Biography

Explosive, dramatic, bold and bursting with colour. That’s how Hampshire artist, Daniel Tidbury, describes his early works. In his latest series the Hampshire based artist is exploring the effects of acrylic pouring and chemical dispersion. For Daniel, painting started out as an outlet for expression and a way to release the daily stresses of a busy schedule and typically hectic family life. “I didn’t set out with any real objective other than to put paint to canvas and to feel great doing it.”

His enthusiasm for the arts stretching back to his early years, as a child, creating and making, cutting and sticking, as many do, but Daniel’s interest continued through his education developing into a thriving career as a professional graphic designer, photographer and magazine publisher. It wasn’t until 2016 where his fine art career really took off. Daniel’s early works are bold and colourful, free-flowing and dramatic, often featuring abstract seascapes or skyscapes. Broad expressive strokes provided Daniel the physical release he needed to get started. “The actual physical action of applying paint to a large canvas is thrilling, whether it’s canvas-wide strokes, using my hands or flicking paint, water or other chemicals, I love it.”

Daniel’s techniques are constantly evolving and in his latest work he explores the effects of acrylic pouring and chemical dispersion revealing the unpredictable beauty of liquid paint.